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I can't wait to work with you!

Step One: Fill out a New Guest Form

New around here? We love that! Please make sure you fill out a New Guest Form before booking to make sure we are a good fit. You can find that by clicking here

**If you are an existing guest who has not been in to see me in 9 months or more, please choose from the New Guest options to make sure we have enough time together.

Image by Dominic Sansotta

Step Two: Choose a "Look"

You've already submitted your form, now it's time to choose a "Look" that best suits the results you're looking for. You can find those here.

Not sure which one is for you? Don't worry, I will review your new guest form and guide you in your selection.


Step Three: Book An Appointment

Once we've established the look that best suits your needs, you can conveniently book & manage your appointment online 24/7 .

Your new hair STARTS HERE!
Fill out and submit a New Guest Form

New Guests: About
How did you find me?
What day of the week are you able to visit the salon? Check all that apply
What services are you interested in receiving? Check all that apply
How would you describe the texture of your hair? Think about how thick each individual strand of hair feels. If it were pasta, would each strand be like angel hair, spaghetti, or linguini?
What time of the day works best for you?
What is your current length of hair?
How would you decribe the density of your hair? Think about how many hairs you have in a square inch. If it were a neighborhood, would it be rural town, a popular suburb, or a big city?
What kind of curl pattern do you have? What does it look like when you let it air dry
What kind of maintenance schedule would you like?
Have you had an adverse reaction to color?
Do you have gray hair?
Over the past 2 years, where have you had your hair colored?
Has your hair ever been damaged from color, highlights, or perms?

Include current pictures of your hair & inspiration pictures of the color and/or cut you are looking for.

*These need be taken in front of a window with the light facing you. NO FILTER PLEASE!

Upload image
Upload image
Upload image
Upload image
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Upload image

Thanks for submitting!

New Guests: Contact
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