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So you want to wear extensions... 

I am so happy you are interested in boosting your confidence and easing your everyday look with extensions. I am proud to offer a few different beaded weft extension methods in order to suit your exact hair type because, let's face it, no head is the same when it comes to extensions. This also means it is difficult to come up with a game plan including pricing without a thorough consultation.

With me, a consultation is a zero-pressure way to get to know the world of extensions and to see if they are a good fit for you. To help you in your research, here is some information to understand before your first visit. Take a look at it and book a consultation directly through my online booking HERE.

Common Extensions Questions:

What are hand-tied beaded weft extensions?

Hand-Tied Beaded weft extensions is a method of installing extensions that uses silicone lined beads, cotton string, and your own natural hair to create a foundation to wear hand-tied extension wefts. This particular method is great for all hair types and is well known in the industry to be the most comfortable beaded weft method with the best grow out and less potential for excessive shedding of the natural hair. I am proud to be certified in this method because it really gives great options for all the different hair types that my clients have and they have a more no-fuss approach compared to other methods I've used.

How is the hair installed?

Your natural hair is brought through a row of silicone beads in a special way to create a solid foundation to lay the wefts above and below the beads. Then the wefts are hand-sewn onto the row that was created. There are no chemicals, adhesives, or heat used in this application method. In this method, the beads are hidden which keeps your secret from anyone who looks at your hair whether it is down, up, or a special style.

How many rows will I need?

One Row is perfect for fullness & minimal length. It is a great way to see if you like the maintenance of extensions and this amount of hair is comfortable & easy to blow-dry & style.

How long do the hand-tied wefts last?

6-12 months with the proper care, which we talk during your consultation and your first installation! Lighter colored extensions require more care(moisture) & generally last 6-8 months depending on how well they are cared for.

Two Rows of hair is the most common amount of hair worn, and adds a great amount of length & fullness.

Three Rows are a great option for those growing out a shorter cut or who have tons of natural hair and need to match their own density.

What is the average investment for beaded weft extensions?

The reason you don't find much information about pricing through any extension artist website is that the service is so individualized. There are different brands of hair, different lengths, and different amounts of hair needed for each guest. This is all separate from coloring your own natural hair as well.

The average initial investment for a 2 row installation of 18.5" wefts on medium density hair is $1100-1250 which includes the cost of the weft.  Maintenance appointments for 2 rows are $300. An additional cost applies if we also color your natural hair.

The investment can be smaller or a little larger depending on what we decide is the best route to go during your consultation.


Are these extensions going to work with my lifestyle?

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY! Because this method uses no adhesives, you can treat these wefts just like you would your normal hair. You can shampoo them, use heat and products on them, and wear them in any style you normally would (including new styles you will be able to do now that you have more hair)! We will talk about the specific products you will need to maintain the life of the hair during your consultation!

Will I need extensions forever?

Not if you don't want them! Everyone has a different goal for extensions. I am specifically trained with techniques that cause your natural hair NO damage, and I use blending techniques that do not require manipulating your own hair to blend the extensions. Some clients wear them forever because they love them, some clients like to take breaks in certain seasons, or no longer wear them once they have achieved length and density on their own!

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