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Your experience begins by filling out the New Client Form below. This form is an important tool to help give me a basic understanding of what your hair is currently like, what you want to achieve, & your scheduling preferences. 

You will see at the bottom of the form an upload section. I will need two pictures of YOUR hair--one picture showcasing the front of your hair where you part and another showcasing your hair as a whole from the back view. Both pictures need to be taken in natural lighting, near a window, with the light in front of you.

I will then need at least TWO inspiration pictures of the color and/or cut you are wanting. You have the option to send 4 if you need to show me more. A great place to find these will be Pinterest or Google search.

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After you submit your form, I will personally review it & reply within 24 hours with any questions I may have and guide you in what to book for online. In some cases, I may need to see you for an in person consult before we can proceed to booking. Any submissions or emails sent on Saturday or Sunday will be returned the following business day.

Once you have booked your appointment using my online booking, you will receive a confirmation email with all appointment details.

While I'm looking over your New Client Form, please review these important details. 

Open Doors

Important Details


We are located INSIDE Blue Lion Salon Studios sandwiched between Ross & Best Buy. If you park in front of Ross, you will definitely see us! 

Once inside, we are in Room 501. Third hall on the left, go all the way down, and we are the last room on the right.

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When you arrive to the salon...

You will check-in to your appointment by clicking the button on the Vagaro app(download before your appointment to have quick access to your account) to let me know you have arrived.

You will receive a text when I am ready for you to come inside to Room 501 to start your service.

The building lobby is now open if you'd like to wait there until you receive the text from me.

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Before we start your service...

You will notice how cozy it is when you walk in. Feel free to hang your purse on the hook next to the mirror and make yourself comfortable in the styling chair. Once you're comfortable, we will review your service plan.

If you're visiting me for color, you will be given a light robe to keep your clothing dry and safe from staining. All color formulations are customized to suit each guest and detailed notes will be taken for future reference.

If you're visiting me for a cut, whether sheers, razors, or clippers, the proper tools for your hair type will be used to create your hair cut. Both wet & dry cutting techniques will be used to accomplish your look.

Beauty Products

Before you leave...

I'll share styling tips and at-home product recommendations to recreate your style at home.

To keep your new style looking fresh, I will let you know how often you should book for your specific services.

How did you find me?
What services are you interested in receiving? Check all that apply
What day of the week are you able to visit the salon? Check all that apply
What time of the day works best for you?
What is your current length of hair?
How would you describe the texture of your hair? Think about how thick each individual strand of hair feels. If it were pasta, would each strand be like angel hair, spaghetti, or linguini?
How would you decribe the density of your hair? Think about how many hairs you have in a square inch. If it were a neighborhood, would it be rural town, a popular suburb, or a big city?
What kind of curl pattern do you have? What does it look like when you let it air dry
Do you have gray hair?
What kind of maintenance schedule would you like?
Over the past 2 years, where have you had your hair colored?
Have you had an adverse reaction to color?
Has your hair ever been damaged from color, highlights, or perms?
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